This is a free and simple MAC Address changer

A small tool that can change your system's MAC address.

GhostMAC is a small tool that can change your system's MAC address. It can be used on networks that limit connectivity based on the computer's address. With this handy tool you can set your own address and use it as is and also revert to the original one. It is written in C# and integrates device driver plugins and also the Microsoft Windows network services.

It's free, lite and user-friendly. Are you looking for a quick way to change the MAC address of your network adapter? GhostMAC is definitely what you need. This small, simple and easy to use application is a quick and effective solution that you will surely enjoy.

This program is for non-experienced users that have MAC address problems. Advanced users don't need this software, but it's a must-have for people that don't have strong knowledge about networking devices and Windows features.



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